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How to remove mugshots from any mugshots related site?

Hi there,
I’m Hannah from Boston and studied in Boston University. Last few weeks ago I faced a big problem with one of my cousin. The problem was, one of the bloody mugshots site blasted my cousins face on their site! But, he didn’t know why.

I’s assume that it might be happened for his latest case for which he was entered into the jail for only 2 hours and it for driving his car with GREAT speed! So, we were in a great trouble and we wanted to remove his face as soon as possible before seeing any relatives of us. Then, one of my friend (who is my batch-mate in Boston Uni.) suggest me to contact with Remove MugShots to removing his face from there. We contacted with them and after 10-12 hours we recheck the website and amazed!!!! Yeah, really amazed!!! Because my cousins face wasn’t there!! Remove MugShots saves my cousins career which will gonna ruin. Thanks to Remove MugShots So, I personally recommend any of the person who is in trap of Mugshots related site, must be contacted with the Remove Mugshots for removing his/her mugshots from any where in the web..
Thanks for reading..

Hannah Carlton
Boston, Massachusetts